“Tuesday Night Recording Club” is Born

Tuesday Night Recording Club Night 1








Zippah Records Presents: Tuesday Night Recording Club

An ongoing recording series with Producer Brian Charles & songwriter Aaron Perrino of The Sheila Divine where each week they assemble Musicians from the Boston Music Scene to create a new song based on the recording techniques from a seminal moment in music history.

Whether it’s taking inspiration from the dystopian mechanical pulse of Martin Hannett’s vision on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, the drowned in destruction brutality of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s Psycho Candy, or uncovering the mystique of My Bloody Valentine’s masterpiece Loveless. Every Tuesday we will curate the finest players from around Boston to come together for a fun-filled night of recording and camaraderie.

We will document the experiments visually through followup video footage as well as in depth analysis for audiophiles in long form content online.

Every wednesday we will release the nights experiment as a free download, and the best ones with be compiled for Vinyl only releases.

For the first TNRC session, the team found inspiration in the drum sounds of Joy Division’s “Disorder.” Read all about it and listen to the first song “Anarchy Saints” HERE.