The Life Electric

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Joey – Vocals
Ben – Guitar and Keys
Cory – Bass

A&R/ Booking Contact: Crystal Margolis:

Sometimes, when you know, you just know. And when former Action Verbs frontman Joey met up with three-fifths of the former Gold Star Morning guys, they just knew.
The Life Electric was born in 2011, bringing a sound that’s been uniquely described as a combination of modern disco, The Flaming Lips, and pure f***ing rock. The band first came to our attention with their self-titled debut release in May of 2012.
They followed up with the Calico EP in early 2013. The Life Electric’s fall single, “Heartbeat” was released in November 2013 with 100% of the song’s proceeds going straight to Crash Safely, a charity benefiting The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and their latest track “Gone, Gone, Gone” was released March 2014 as a small part of a forthcoming full length album.

“Possibly the one band that will get me dancing this year…The Life Electric live in that great middle ground between math rock, dance rock, and classic rhythmic alt-rock. I’ve seen guitarist/keyboardist Ben Leang shred before, and damn, is it something.” – Adam Parshall, Allston Pudding

“Arena-rockers-in-training The Life Electric played like TT’s was The Centrum.” – Johnny Anguish, Daykamp Music

Live photo by Daykamp Music, 2014